Signature Events

Currently, the MRA has 9 signature events that we sponsor and support each year. These events are a cross section of different sports and recreation activities but also serve different demographics throughout the Mackenzie region.

Over the years the MRA signature events have grown in number and size but the signature event goal and purpose has remained consistent:

  • Tell the MRA ‘story’ (grassroots, community based, inclusive, active)

  • Showcase different activities and communities

  • Create opportunities for both youth and adults to participate, be physically active, and get engaged in recreation (either fun or competitive)

  • Provide opportunities for team building, community building, and learn new skills

  • Give communities a sense of pride, help develop friendships, and promote active living


Wolfpack Basketball Tournament

The Wolfpack Basketball Tournament is held in Fort Simpson in January or February and has been running for over 10 years. Most teams are youth teams, but there are "Open" adult teams as well. The age divisions are usually Jr. and Sr.Boys and Jr. and Sr. Girls. 

 age range: 12 and up


Making Waves Swim Event

This swim event is open to all levels of swimmers (non-swimmers, beginners to advanced). It is a fun swim event which includes a variety of games, opportunities, and events throughout the weekend such as: water smart, fun races, competitive races, synchronize swimming, floating movie, life guarding activities, water sport sampling, and more. The event is held in Fort Smith.



age range: 8 - 16 


Paul Stipdonk Soccer Tournament