This summer is a little different from the Public Health directives in place and risk of COVID-19 returning to NWT. However, MRA understands that now, more than ever, we need the physical and mental health benefits of moving our bodies.  Recreation plays a critical role in the mental and physical health recovery of community members and plays an equally important role in community economic revival.


MRA is encouraging and supporting community recreation leaders and volunteers to host a half or full-day community Mackenzie Youth Summer Games (MYSG) and/or Mackenzie Youth Dene Games (MYDG).


Usually, one community hosts these events, and other communities travel to attend during the summer. However, this year, we wanted to reduce the risks, while maintaining the benefits with one of the biggest priorities right now- the psychosocial needs of community members, particularly those who are experiencing social isolation or are having difficulty coping.


First and foremost, look to our Public Health office for updates on community events and gatherings. But then... COME OUT & PLAY!

Contact Abby, MRA's summer staff, for details on how to apply for funding for the event(s) and how to enter the draw for a chance to win a $500 grant for your community: or 867-874-1010

All our summer events were made possible by our sponsors, partners, and amazing communities! 

Enhancing the quality of life of the Mackenzie region residents through physical literacy and active for life opportunities while fostering and supporting the development of recreation, volunteers, and leadership.