Board Meetings & Calls

Spring and Fall Board Meetings

Get to know more about MRA; help make a difference in our communities; even join the executive board

Professional development,  certifcation, & training,  opportunities

Voice opinions, thoughts,  suggestions about recreation in the region.

MRA in-person board meetings are held twice a year: May and September with community check in calls happening every other month throughout the year. Our bi-monthly calls are for each communities' board member/representative. They are a maximum of 1 hour and will offer guest topic and/or speaker, information and updates from MRA, and a chance for board members (communities) to update each other on events, opportunities, and struggles & continue to work together to bring quality recreation to our region.

Enhancing the quality of life of the Mackenzie region residents through physical literacy and active for life opportunities while fostering and supporting the development of recreation, volunteers, and leadership.