Aquatics & Water Safety


What We Do:

Working with our partners and the Lifesaving Society, the MRA will be working in three areas to increase participation (in the area of aquatics) and improve water safety in the Mackenzie Region:

  1. Water Smart® Program

  2. Aquatic Events and Activities

  3. Leadership & Training


Why Do We Do It?






  • work to reduce the incidence of drowning through education and skill development;

  • provide safe aquatic opportunities and water/ice safety education for MRA communities;

  • act as a regional leader in Water Smart® program and community education;

  • promote low impact activity to encourage physical literacy and active lifestyles; and

  • work with communities to increase participation and enhance programs to meet community needs especially for community members with little to no swimming experience.

Enhancing the quality of life of the Mackenzie region residents through physical literacy and active for life opportunities while fostering and supporting the development of recreation, volunteers, and leadership.